Mujuru is senior to Mugabe — Mavhaire


HARARE – Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) elder Dzikamai Mavhaire has said Joice Mujuru joined the liberation struggle against minority white rule at least four years earlier than President Robert Mugabe.

Addressing thousands of people at a rally held at Mawungwa Business Centre near Mpandawana in Gutu, Mavhaire blasted Mugabe for surreptitiously anointing himself life president.

“VaMugabe 1976 ndokuenda paMozambique asi vana Mai Mujuru vanga vatovapo 1972, saka mukuru wehondo ndiyani ipapa? (Mugabe went war in 1976 yet Mrs Mujuru was already there in 1972, who is the lord of the war between the two?) he asked rhetorically.

He said Zimbabweans must resist attempts to let Mugabe continue ruling even after he was bedridden.

“Takapa munhu nyika kusvika aita sekuru, ikozvino ava tateguru, mukadzi wototi kunyange apinda muguva achatonga arimo, ndingataurirwe izvozvo nanaMarujata ini (We gave him the mantle to rule and now he is old, he is now an ancestor, and his wife now tells us that he will rule even from the grave, can we take that nonsense from Marujata?)”  he said referring to an unstable, loose, sharp-tongued and divisive village woman in a famous Shona novel Gara Ndichauya.

Mavhaire, who has been in and out of government since 1980 due to his sharp tongue, also admonished traditional chiefs to stop being agents of coercion for Mugabe’s Zanu PF, contrary to their much-vaunted role as custodians of national culture and traditional values.

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