Zanu PF steps up repression — PDP


HARARE – Tendai Biti’s opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has said that “power drunk”  Zanu PF is back to its old ways of using violence to crush political opponents.

This comes after the government intensified clampdown on activists protesting against President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume said that the Zanu PF government’s “cannibalism” is reflected in the repression that it unleashed on Zimbabweans that camped in Harare’s Africa Unity Square, partaking in a 16-day protest against Mugabe’s misrule,.

“We have always argued consistently that this regime is incompetent, cruel, heartless and dangerous.

“We have always argued that this regime is driven only by two agendas, that of power retention and aggrandisement,” Mafume said.

He bemoaned the arrest of some of the activists, adding that the Zanu PF regime must know that “the spirit of resistance has risen”.

He said Zanu PF understands only one language that is based on vile and tough engagement.

“As we go towards 2017, and the next election, violence against the people of Zimbabwe will increase and more and more activists will be detained and arrested.

“The assault on citizens has already begun, the assault on political parties has already begun,” he said.

Mafume said despite the country’s efforts to re-engage with the international community, the Zanu PF government has shown it was unwilling to change.

“In the winter, where a few missions in Harare are pushing for the fast tracking of Zimbabwe’s re- engagement agenda, Zimbabwe is literally imploding from a dangerous cocktail of crisis after crisis.

“The wheels have absolutely come off and the nation reels from one end to another, with one thing that is certain — that we are on autocruise to nowhere,” Mafume said.

He said that Zimbabwe was in a leadership crisis, adding that citizens must not expect too much from the 92-year-old Mugabe.


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