Kunaka a rehab escapee: ZPF


HARARE – Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party has said Jim Kunaka cut short the counselling programmes he was going through in ZPF and has gone back to his old ways, a top official in former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s party has said.

Commenting on Kunaka’s highly publicised return to Zanu PF, ZPF spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, said: “The fact of the matter is that Mr Jim Kunaka was undergoing rehabilitation and if he has returned to Zanu PF, it means he is now a rehab escapee.”

Mawarire said that the process of rehabilitating ex-Zanu PF youths, who were used by the party to perpetrate violence, was a voluntary programme that ZPF has put in place to help both victims of political violence and the perpetrators that they find ways of being reintegrated into the society.

“Our rehabilitation programmes are voluntary. It is therefore unconstitutional and also undemocratic for us to arrest Kunaka and force him to continue with the rehabilitation programme we had designed for him.

“It is quite clear to us that the better person, the non-violent character that we wanted to inculcate in him has no place and value in the cult that he is returning to.

“We will continue to raise our heads high for the efforts that we made in attempting to exorcise the Zanu PF demons that were haunting him but we are cognisant that it is not every battle that you can win and that not every deliverance session is successful especially when the one seeking deliverance is still in love with his demons,” Mawarire said, adding that the rehabilitation programme was a brain-child of Mujuru.

“Our president is on record saying that ZPF has a department, manned by experienced clergymen, which provides counselling services to both victims of political violence and its perpetrators so that they can be reintegrated back into the society and, perhaps, mainstream politics,” he said, also explaining that Kunaka’s return to Zanu PF does not only show that ZPF had failed to rehabilitate him, but that the party had strong systems against infiltration.

“The other fact that has escaped a lot of people is that the return of people like Kunaka to Zanu PF is a result of their frustration with the strict security measures we have put around the decision-making organs of the party which have made it difficult for spies and Zanu PF informers to gain entry into those organs that run the day-to-day activities of the party.

“The noise they are now making and the purported return to Zanu PF is a result of the frustration they now have as a result of their failure to infiltrate the decision-making organs of the party.

“When we hear them cry loud as Kunaka is doing, we naturally become happy as it is an endorsement of the effectiveness of our security and intelligence systems in the party,” Mawarire said.

He added that allegations by Kunaka that there is nothing happening in ZPF were an indication that he was far away from the decision making process in the party.

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“There are strategic decisions and programmes taken by the party leadership that, for security reasons, cannot be communicated to every party member, let alone those undergoing rehabilitation but that does not mean there is nothing happening in the party.

“If there is nothing happening in ZPF as Kunaka is quoted as saying, there is certainly one thing that he should acknowledge and it is that we have set up a diligent and effective security system that does not just allow spies easy access to those organs of the party responsible for our strategic planning,” Mawarire said.


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