Ammara devastated by family deaths


HARARE – Ammara Brown has finally spoken about the tragic deaths that have dogged her family in quick succession with sister Shahla being the latest loss.

Ammara, the daughter of the late musician Andy Brown took to social media platform, Facebook, pouring her heart out, painting a gloomy picture of her loneliness after losing a number of close relatives.

“With every funeral the essence of the deceased always takes hold and I have laughed these past few days even with my shattered heart. When I went to the cemetery I could feel her spirit and it resonated true happiness and pure peace.

“I have grieved enough to know that it’s my physical loss because I cannot hold her but it’s Shahla’s spiritual triumph because she’s with Allah, our beloved Nina, our idolised father, Andy, our love incarnate mother, Soraya, our sister Chiedza and yes, Chiwoniso.

Death is not even the true definition because it is in faithful fact; transcendence,” she posts.

“Shahla means desert flower and that is exactly how I will remember you Lala. You were perfect imperfection because your heart was always gorgeous. It is your turn to watch over me, and I am not afraid of transcendence anymore because I know I’ll be seeing you in Jannat someday,” she posts.

Ammara said Shahla who succumbed to chest pains was a pillar of strength to her especially when in times of tragedies like deaths.

“As we buried our family members one by one we handled our grief differently. Nina (her grandmother) passed away but Shahla and I had each other and my son.

“…18 months ago Shahla’s chest began to fail her. We frequented the hospitals and doctors’ offices more times than I’d like to count. So much so that visiting hours barely applied to me. Sometimes I would wake up to check if she was still breathing.

“If she was in hospital, every phone call I got in the night scared me. She couldn’t come to the Bring Chiedza Home concert because she was too weak. Somehow she always pulled through. Even the doctors could not understand it,” she wrote.

Shahla died barely eight months after the death of Andy’s other  daughter Chiedza who committed suicide in America.

All in all, Andy had left behind 10 children sired with different women among them the late mbira Queen Chiwoniso Maraire and these are Devona 33, Ammara 26, Shahla (now late), Alexander 20, Chengeto 19, Chiedza (now late), Ushe 14, Jason 13, Andy Brown Junior 10 and Alzaeed who is seven.

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