Artist tackles drug abuse through paintings


HARARE – True to the old Chinese proverb that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, Rodney Badza, a Chinhoyi University of Technology student, is carving his niche in the arts industry, following a successful exhibition that he hosted in Harare recently.

The exhibition, which ran under the theme “Creator’s Palette” and officially opened by Valerie Kabov, the director at First Floor Gallery Harare, showcased a series of artworks, featuring drawings, photographs, prints, illustrations, paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

“The artworks did have a universal theme but covered various aspects of life for example drug and alcohol abuse, relationships and their impact.

“It was also my attempt at showing the youth that there is more one can do with the skills they have rather than sit and wait to be on the receiving side with very little effort coming from them,” the youthful artist said, adding that part of his exhibition included samples of sandals and textile items that he made.

Badza said he fell in love with art when he was still a young boy, experimenting with drawings and making prints.

“Ever since my kindergarten days, I could be seen drawing and making patterns using every chance I got.

“I had a creative eye and I would see stuff that others couldn’t. My strength in imagination was unquestionable,” Badza said, expressing confidence that the sky is the only limit for him in the art industry.

He said he used a palette, which is a board that provides a flat surface on which artists mix paints, to represent his life journey in the art industry.

Badza further said that through his journey, he has learnt various art aspects that have assisted him in pursuing his goal.

“The show I have put together is a reflection of everything I have seen during the journey of learning, the experiences I have had, the people I have met and the troubles I have come across.

“Creator’s Palette is my way of showing the world how much I have learnt over the period that I have been at Chinhoyi University of Technology.

“I have been collecting information and learning new stuff, which I am now ready to give out to the world as a result,” he said.

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