Mother-in-law takes Kereke’s side in court


HARARE – The step-grandmother to two minors that were allegedly sexually molested by Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke yesterday curiously recited in stunning detail events relating to the rape period but failed to recollect anything else beyond those dates.

Anna Muswapadare, the mother to Kereke’s wife Patience, who was staying with the minors when they were allegedly molested, claimed that her step-grandchildren were liars who had fabricated the allegations against her son-in-law.

She testified in favour of Kereke yesterday before Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa.

Kereke is being charged with rape and indecent assault after allegedly sexually abusing his wife’s two nieces.

“I left my rural home for Patience’s home on August 17 and for the days I stayed there my son Vincent, two housemaids and the second complainant were present at the residence,” Muswapare said.

“On August 20, the accused person came to the house saying he wanted to pay his security guards and also inform me that Patience and her son would be discharged from Avenues Clinic the following day.”

Muswapadare said she could not believe that one of her step-grandchildren could allege that they were raped on August 20 around 3am because she wakes up for prayers every day around that time.

“It is a lie; she never left the room during early hours on that morning. I remember waking up to pray at exactly that time and saw her sleeping peacefully in the spare bedroom,” added Muswapadare.

“She also lied that after the alleged incident she woke up and washed her clothes and linen on her own. I always folded their blankets every morning and never noticed any spoiled sheets or clothes.

“… as usual that morning, the complainant was jovial and went outside to play with other children.”

Muswapadare said she later left the residence on August 20, 2010.

She, however, failed to recall dates relating to when her statement was recorded at the police or when she had it commissioned with her daughter’s lawyers.

“… so you do not remember the date you made that affidavit statement? Your daughter told this court that she went to see lawyers on November 10, 2011 at what time did you leave and return home? Do you still recall how much time you spend at Borrowdale Police Station or the details of who attended to you?”

Muswapadare responded that she could no longer recall the events because of the lapse of time.

The trial continues today.

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