Incompetent ministers indictment on Mugabe


HARARE – Sometimes we wonder if President Robert Mugabe was playing a practical joke on us when he appointed some officials to ministerial posts, but the shock is only fleeting if we look at the fact that the 92-year-old doesn’t care a hoot about the suffering multitudes.

Apart from having a bloated Cabinet, Mugabe also has a troop of useless deputy ministers who are ill-equipped even to defend themselves in Parliament.


But the ministers fare no better.

A case in point is on Wednesday during the televised Parliament question time, when supposedly erudite ministers, some with doctorate degrees, failed to answers simple questions relating to their portfolios and of consequence to the public.

To make matters worse, the whole fiasco was captured live on national television and the broad masses had an opportunity to see for themselves the men and women who are superintending over them demonstrating their ignorance.

It was a total demonstration of incompetence and a hard reminder to those who are still hopeful of miracles from Mugabe’s Cabinet that we are on a painful journey to nowhere.

Now it is clear to everyone that we are being led by a clueless bunch like Agriculture minister Joseph Made and his War Veterans counterpart Tshinga Dube, men who might be educated but are certainly, just like their appointer, the wrong persons for the job. Talk of deadwood?

Mugabe must spare us this tragic drama that he conducts surprisingly with stunning virtuosity and show us for once that he is a serious leader with the people at heart.

For starters, he must replace his Cabinet with people with the aptitude to deal with the problems at hand and not to stick with the same rudderless individuals, some of whom are ripe candidates for an infirmary.

Indeed, Dube was in the woods as he failed to respond to a question on how war veterans could act if their rights, enshrined in the Constitution, are not met, he could not answer and out of pity legislators let him off the hook.

In another instance, Made was asked a supplementary question on whether the Grain Marketing Board did not have records to assist farmers who lost their receipts or invoices.

But the Agriculture minister failed to comprehend the question as he gave the same answer he had given earlier.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Marble Chinomona even tried to help the minister understand what was being asked to no avail.

It is clear that apart from enjoying the rich pickings that come with their jobs, most of Mugabe’s ministers, if not all, have no business being in Cabinet and we therefore cannot expect any miracles from the hopeless bunch.


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