Where are the mega-deals?


HARARE – It is now becoming increasingly clear to crisis-weary Zimbabweans that they were sold a dummy by the Zanu PF-led government over the so-called mega-deals.

Since the multi-million deals were signed in 2014 between Zimbabwe and China and Russia, very little, if anything has been done to show that the much-vaunted projects are taking any shape.


Some of the mega-deals that are yet to take off and are waiting for financing include a $1,2 billion high-speed train route between Harare and Bulawayo, $1,2 billion Matabeleland Zambezi Water Supply Project and the $1,3 billion expansion of the Beitbridge-Chirundu Highway.

Additionally, China Africa Sunlight Energy Limited has said that it plans to invest $2,1 billion developing coal mines and building two 100-megawatt coal-fired plants, although work is yet to begin.

Zanu PF thought it had succeeded in lying to the nation that the lives of more than 13 million people would be improved through the implementation of these deals, however, their shenanigans are now being exposed for what they are — just lies.

The Chinese are very astute and shrewd business people and will not pour their money into an economy that has, for the past 36 years, ravished by greed, corruption and gross maladministration. In addition to that, who in his right senses would want to blindly invest in a country presided by a 92-year-old president who has no clear succession plan in place?

Cognisant of his party’s failure to deliver on the 2013 election promises, as has been the case since 1980 when President Robert Mugabe took over from the British, the nonagenarian leader saw it prudent to hoodwink the electorate with more lies on mega-deals.

History has, however, shown that Mugabe has since the early 1980s promised to deliver health, education and housing for all by the year 2000 but it’s not a public secret that we are all now worse off than we were in Rhodesia.

In the euphoria of those early days of independence, Mugabe travelled the length and breadth of the world signing other “mega-deals” the majority of which have never materialised and the governing party still has the temerity to lie to the people that they will deliver on their promises.

This clearly demonstrates that our leaders having been living a lie and constantly lying to the electorate and we have finally reached a point where they now believe their lies to be true. How sad.

The time has come for all Zimbabweans to rise up against this regime that thrives on plundering and pillaging our natural resources for their own selfish gains.

Zimbabwe is for all of us.


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