‘Incompetent’ ministers embarrassed in Parly


HARARE – Cabinet ministers yesterday left parliamentarians in shock as they failed to respond to questions fielded to them.

Minister of Agriculture Joseph Made and his War Veterans counterpart Tshinga Dube were judged “incompetent” by shocked legislators who were expecting meaningful answers.


The “incompetency” displayed by the ministers in Parliament resulted in Glen Norah legislator Webster Maondera asking for divine intervention.

“Mwari ngaatibatsire (God help us), the honourable minister (Dube) was asleep and failed to hear the question,” Maondera said.

Indeed, Dube was in the woods as he failed to respond to a question on how war veterans could act if their rights, enshrined in the Constitution, are not met.

Kuwadza East MP Nelson Chamisa then rose to point out that, Dube, who is 75, was old and therefore needed to be given time to gather his wits.

“Madam Speaker, tine mamwe maminister vakwegura, tikasavapa nguva he will get confused,” said Chamisa.

In the end, Dube ended up wobbling to his seat without answering the question.

In another instance, Made was asked a supplementary question on whether the Grain Marketing Board did not have records to assist farmers who lost their receipts or invoices.

But the Agriculture minister failed to comprehend the question as he gave the same answer he had given earlier.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Marble Chinomona even tried to help the minister understand what was being asked to no avail.

Made just ended up saying none of the farmers had been denied their payment. This prompted MDC legislator for Glen View North Fani Munengami to say that the minister was incompetent.

“ . . . Speaker, on a point of order . . . Mukupe (Terrence) earlier said . . . Made vanogona (he is competent),  I think he should withdraw that statement nekuti vari kuratidza kusagona (because he is demonstrating that he is incompetent),” Munengami said.

Meanwhile, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere expressed ignorance over allegations raised by Mkoba legislator Amos Chibaya that one of the commissioners he appointed to take over the running of Gweru council was abusing his office.

Chibaya produced evidence in Parliament which he claimed showed that a commissioner VH Choga had corruptly gained over $200 000 during his tenure in Gweru.

But Kasukuwere even denied that he had appointed Choga as a commissioner.

He, however, vowed to take action as soon as possible.


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