‘Mugabe surrounded by ungodly men’


HARARE – Heartfelt International Ministries (HIM)founder Tavonga Vutabwashe has come out guns blazing accusing government officials of oppressing Zimbabweans but handling foreigners with velvet gloves.

During one of his sermons at the weekend that has gone viral because of its boldness and rare combative mood from a man of the cloth, Vutabwashe argued that government ministers are behind the untold suffering of locals. In his scathing sermon, Vutabwashe preaches that President Robert Mugabe is surrounded by ungodly people who are unfit to lead the country.


Adding that they comment negatively against the church and its suggestions, yet will never do the same about what foreigners say or do.

“His Excellency is saying indigenisation and empowerment but he is surrounded by people who are occultic. When Joseph returned to Egypt as an expatriate with his people, he did not give them wealth but gave them the most prime land in Egypt. Such is the case where foreigners are given the most prime land when Zimbabweans are being denied land.

“Now Joseph and his kin are in control. Right now if your car is being followed by a Chinese, a Chinese will pass a road block but the police will stop you. You are more suspect in your land than a foreigner. If you go to the airport they will be searching your bags,” Vutabwashe said.

In a seven minute video clip, Vutabwashe claims that the Zanu PF regime has perpetuated the stereotype that foreigners are superior to locals as it gives them preferential treatment.

The clergyman argues in his sermon that the present cash crisis can be traced to Zanu PF all weather friends, the Chinese, who he accuses of siphoning the greenback by to their motherland.

“Now cash is a crisis but the Chinese are taking money out. Who signed the agreement with them? If they take our wealth whose signatures are there? Are they Chinese signatures, Africa kills themselves. I remember pastoring in Belvedere, I struggled to acquire land to build a 15 000-seater church where they put Long Chen Plaza.

“They told me it is a wetland. But when the Chinese came they gave them that same land. So who is killing our own people and the animals? So now China is the hope of Africa. We try and go with the gospel to China but are denied entry because we have Bibles.

“They come here while against our God and now you tell us that you want to remove Scripture Union because you are making agreements with people who do not want the Bible,” Vutabwashe said.

In the beginning of the second school term minister of Education Lazarus Dokora banned the Scripture Union and recital of the Lord’s Prayer in schools and replaced it with the National Pledge.

In retaliation, parents and church leaders staged a demonstration against the Pledge arguing that it was against their religious beliefs.


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