Monday Jam Session attracts yesteryear acts


HARARE – When street musician Daniel Gonora and his drummer son performed at Harare’s City Sports Bar’s Monday Jam Session — a weekly event which brings together veteran guitarists and vocalists — everyone in the audience applauded his efforts.

Gonora, who has made a name for himself while playing on the streets for a few coins, proved that indeed disability is not inability as he moved audiences with his voice as well as guitar-playing prowess. His son, still in his early teens, played the drums with so much zeal even more than some seasoned drummers.


City Sports Bar’s Monday Jam Session popularly known as “KaMonday Kanenge Friday” has now run over 25 sessions and the club’s manager Yasin Dhala is happy thus far.

While Yasin tried to introduce the “jam sessions” sometime back, it did not pick up at all. “I tried introducing it while working for a different club but it failed dismally. This year in January I decided to try it again and the result surprised me after we had just done four sessions.”

At the first instalment, there were only four acts taking part but today over 10 music acts are billed to perform every Monday for 30 minutes.

Yasin said musicians like Hosiah Chipanga, who travelled all the way from Mutare and the likes of Cde Chinx, Nicholas Zakaria, Ammara Brown, Elijah Madzikatire, Dino Mudondo, Tendai Chidarikire are among many who have performed so far.

“This show has managed to draw musicians who are in semi-retirement, or even full retirement to come out of hibernation and show us what they can do. It is amazing that audiences still love their performance.

“On a single night we usually spread music genres to include everything from sungura, dancehall to hip-hop. We believe during a jam session every other piece of music fits our bill very well. We cater for audiences across the divide and every musician is welcome to perform,” Yasin added.


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