Jah Prayzah, draw card at Unplugged musical show


HARARE – Towering singer Jah Prayzah was a major draw card at this weekend’s Unplugged musical show, at Palm Estate in Greystone Park, with organisers confessing it was the biggest crowd they have recorded in more than two years.

Braving the low winter temperatures fans — comprising mostly youths came in their numbers to watch the energetic Third Generation Band — professed to have mainly come for Jah Prayzah.


One of the organisers Ellinah Chipumha-Mutandwa said they were pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout.

“It was the biggest crowd we have ever had. I think definitely Jah Prayzah was the number one draw card. We usually have 1 000 to 1 100 people at events but this time we registered 2 000.

“I think it was partly because Jah Prayzah never had a show this side of town before and people were eager to watch him perform.

“Another thing also is the hype created around the event which was quite exceptional,” she said.

Stonechart Lane in the upmarket Greystone Park was filled with cars up to Crowhill Road on the western side as the parking lot inside was full.

Music lovers were clad in winter wear while some even carried blankets to give them extra warmth.

Furthermore, as the cold spell intensified, braziers (mbaura) were set alight to give the revellers warmth.

But as Jah Prayzah got onto the stage, people threw down the blankets and got on the dance floor.

The DJs were challenged to maintain the vibe as the show carried on into the night.

Unplugged is a monthly upmarket music and lifestyle event which ordinarily has four artistes and DJs performing.



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