Investigate all corrupt officials


HARARE – The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission’s (Zacc) move to flush out corrupt elements and possibly prosecute them is a welcome idea but we are by no means hoodwinked having travelled this path before.

The path is familiar, the signs remain the same, and as the saying goes, a leopard does not change its spots, and it remains a dangerous cat until it meets its fate. The latest move has already been discredited with one faction of Zanu PF complaining that they are being targeted by the anti-corruption team as the deadly succession wars hot up.


President Robert Mugabe is a master of grandstanding, he bangs tables and declares zero tolerance to corruption, yet the cancer is never cured. It continues gnawing at the heart of society and destroying the dreams and expectations of nearly 13 million people.

We hope that the anti-corruption net catches all fish, big or small, Lacoste or Generation 40, in opposition or in the governing party.

But before we pop the champagne, we are almost certain that this is yet again bottled smoke and there is no need for us to expect a mosquito to cure malaria.

Zanu PF has been enmeshed in corruption from the early days of independence in 1980 and we will not be led down the garden path by some brooding politicians keen on settling political scores.

Haven’t some top officials in Mugabe’s party been fingered in corruption, but they hang on — and what is worse, sometimes brag about it.

With houses ensconced on mountain tops, and fat bank accounts, the country’s political elite seem immune and beyond the reach of the long arm of law.

Thus this high-sounding nothing will not fool anyone anymore.

We are thus not expecting Zanu PF to change now because from as early as 1989, officials in the party have been caught in shocking looting sprees even despite them claiming to be socialist in orientation.

And since then, we have had numerous cases of corruption involving those in the cosiest offices with no dire consequences for the perpetrators.

So spare us the hogwash and show us for once that this is not just another sideshow.

Just to fast forward corruption cases to the modern era, we would like to ask the powers that be, whether auditor-general Mildred Chiri’s report detailing corruption in stunning detail was ever put before their esteemed offices.

It is common knowledge that this country of great promise is saddled with corruption, that roads are now feeding troughs for the corrupt in the police while ministerial posts are gravy trains — where people become suddenly rich.

Perhaps to salvage some legacy, Mugabe has to crack the whip and there is no better way of doing it than by giving teeth and independence to organisations such as Zacc.


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