Zanu PF Masvingo executive rejects no-confidence vote


HARARE – As chaos ensues in Zanu PF structures, the party’s Masvingo provincial executive has overturned an attempt by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction to sack some of its members.

Addressing the media in Harare yesterday, the provincial chairperson Amasi Nenjana declared as null and void the purported votes of no confidence passed on youth chairperson Norbert Ndaarombe; Veronica Makonese, women’s league chairwoman and political commissar Jappy Jaboon at the weekend.


“In line with the Zanu PF constitution I am the one who should call for a provincial coordinating committee meeting and I did not call the one that purportedly suspended the three officials hence the outcome of that meeting has no force or effect,” Nenjana said.

Nenjana added that the meeting had been called by provincial secretary for administration Alois Baloyi, allegedly at the behest of provincial minister Shuvai Mahofa.

He accused Mahofa and Mnangagwa’s allies of being in panic mode after learning that the provincial executive planned to visit constituencies in the province where they were allegedly tempering with structures and campaigning against sitting MPs.

“After our meeting with MPs last week, they panicked and decided to call for this illegal PCC because they knew that people were going to expose them for their corrupt activities involving the way they are distributing food aid and land along factional lines,” he added.

Makonese and Ndaarombe, who were both at the press briefing together with Jaboon, accused Mahofa of corruption and intimidating those who challenged her.

“I gave her $2 000 to hand over to the first lady for her orphanage but she converted it to her own use and when I asked her, she got mad about it and that is the price I am now paying. She wanted to take the money from the $20 000 that was donated by (South African sugar producer) Tongaat (Hullett) asking me to lie that they had given us $18 000 but I refused,” Makonese claimed.

Mnangagwa’s allies on the other hand decided to kick the trio out of the province, alleging that they belonged to the Generation 40 (G40) — a faction opposed to the VP’s presidential bid.

But deputy secretary for transport in the Zanu PF politburo Daniel Shumba dismissed the factional claims by Mnangagwa’s loyalists as “nonsensical.”

Shumba accused Mahofa of falsely labelling those who sought to expose the Mnangagwa faction’s alleged corrupt tendencies as G40.

“There is nothing factional about stealing money meant for the first lady. There is nothing factional about manipulating the distribution of food and land giving it to your cronies and there is nothing factional about targeting sitting MPs and campaigning against them. It is time we told the truth, we need to stop this madness and no amount of name dropping will stop us from investigating such illegalities,” Shumba declared.



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