Private Lounge revives Bulawayo’s night life


BULAWAYO – Dancers and sexy girls once gave Bulawayo a racy reputation but nightlife in Zimbabwe’s second capital had toned down, until,  erotic dancing  returned to offer an alternative to disco shows.

On Friday, Harare-based proprietor Biggie Chinoperekwei became the latest night-club owner to open a pole and table dancing club at the Cecil Hotel, a move that will surely revive Bulawayo’s hedonic image.


The inaugural much-hyped pole-dancing “gala” lived to its expectations when hundreds of revellers thronged the Private Lounge in Bulawayo, to have a feel of a new flair of entertainment in the city.

With pole-dancing being sort of the core business of the joint, it was no surprise why men turned out in large numbers to witness what to some turned out to be a memorable night.

So unique is the bluish light scanning downtown Bulawayo skyline every evening coming direct from the top of Cecil Hotel which houses the club. It has since the beginning of this week sent tongues wagging, with many wondering what the unfamiliar “object” could be.

The light, which is normally spotted from a distance including in the high and low density suburbs, has really been a centre of attraction and a marvel to watch.

On the other hand, when it became apparent that a home of erotic dancers was set to be opened in the second largest city, the move was however met with mixed feeling, with some openly indicating that the joint was going to put pressure on other city clubs which are apparently failing to attract patrons.

To some, it has been good news as it has brought a wide range of choice for night riders. Normally, viewed as dingy and quite, the new joint has brought life to the downtown area.

As early as 8pm motorists were already scrambling for a place to park as people jostled to find their way into the joint.

A bevy of over 20 erotic dancers mostly from Harare made sure that they leave lasting memories to local patrons who packed the club to the rafters as they paraded their “naked” bodies while showcasing some dance theatrics.

Not to be left out was Bev and Zoey who like seasoned night spot entertainers, showcased the stuff they are made of.


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