Mukoko gives Tytan breakthrough


HARARE – Ammara Brown’s hit song, Mukoko which she did with Tytan has propelled the little known 26-year-old to near stardom.

Born Njabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo, Tytan describes himself as “a Ndebele rapper based in Harare.”

“Life after Mukoko has been great because it has led people to discovering my actual value and potential. I had released some records before that which hadn’t penetrated the market well but were soon discovered after Mukoko.


“This has also given me the opportunity to roll out some products that were dependent on the numbers I have acquired through Mukoko. Basically, it’s been a big break,” he said.

The rapper said his popularity soared after the hit song.

“It rose tremendously and the attention is a bit overwhelming in the right settings of course. In the actual public I am enjoying not being recognised at all since I always have my spectacles on; it helps me get work done quicker.

“When they do recognise me, they get excited, especially women. I have learnt how to manage that though but I am sure it will be harder with time,” he said.

Tytan revealed that he started music in his teens.

“I started music after I finished high school when I started recording in an actual studio with two producers, Mugove Taruvinga and Titus Gambiza. Before that, I had an interest in performance through song and dance and which I had started at the age of 13.”

The musician said he tries to balance between being a manager and a musician by working with a team

“I have a management team that handles both our brands as musicians separately but I have principal decision when it comes to the direction of management.

“I manage a fantastic seasoned world musician called Donald Kanyuchi and Cynthia Mare. He is still upcoming but I assure you he is the next best thing after Tuku. He was groomed at Tuku’s Pakare Paye.”

Tytan is also into other creative business besides music. He runs a production house which shot the video for Mukoko and he is a fashion designer.

“I head RIZE (Revolutionary Independent Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs) in Zimbabwe, we just started setting up in Zimbabwe but we are in England and South Africa so far.”

He currently has no album yet, but has 20 singles mainly themed around love and happiness and his biggest dream is to perform on a Football World Cup stage.

He says he is not romantically involved with anyone right now, and dismissed rumours that he is involved with Ammara saying, “There is nothing going on between us.”


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