Masvingo Zanu PF MPs reject factionalism


HARARE – Masvingo Zanu PF MPs have resolved to campaign against Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa and her Psychomotor counterpart  Josiah Hungwe — both key allies of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa — for allegedly fanning factionalism.

Zanu PF chairperson for Masvingo Amasi Nenjana told the Daily News yesterday that the resolution was made by 20 out of the 26 governing party’s legislators during a meeting held at Paradise Hotel in Gutu on Thursday.


The meeting, held at the late Vice President Simon Muzenda’s hotel, was called to report on the state of the party in the respective constituencies, adding this was in response to a highly controversial meeting held by members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) in Gweru recently.

The constituency briefings by Masvingo MPs were wide ranging, and included a frank exchange of views on the political situation in the MPs’ respective constituencies.

The meeting resolved to encourage Masvingo constituency members not to be intimidated by innuendos being made at war veterans rallies, where they are making resolutions with respect to party structures.

“The meeting assured the Masvingo provincial chairman and Masvingo political commissar Jappy Jaboon and youth chairman (Norbert) Ndarombe that they would not be fired or suspended from the party on the basis of resolutions being made by affiliates of the party,” minutes of the meeting said.

“Those resolutions are of no force or effect as Zanu PF is guided by its own constitution.”

The meeting also called for transparency in the allocation of land in the province and that the current process ought to be ventilated as MPs were concerned that it was not transparent.

MPs agreed that they will, with the youth league, soon demonstrate against Mahofa because she was distributing maize and allocating land along factional lines.

The meeting also resolved to reinstate the district chairpersons that had been removed from their positions on the basis of factional fights.

“No Zanu PF aspirant will be allowed to campaign in a constituency in which Zanu PF has a sitting MP until the party so directs formally,” the resolutions said.

“Any violators will face immediate disciplinary action.”

The meeting also resolved to support programmes in the province and to support programmes of the physically disadvantaged.

“Lastly, the meeting resolved to work closely with all its affiliates that include Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators Association, Ex-political Prisoners Detainees and Restrictees Association, and ZNLWVA.

“The meeting also noted that all members of these affiliates are welcome to join and work within the party as the president has enunciated,” the resolutions said.

In his closing remarks, Daniel Shumba, the most senior Zanu PF member in the province as deputy secretary for transport in the politburo and MP, said these resolutions are to be tabled at the next provincial coordinating meeting for adoption.”

He also spoke of the need for the party to stand together to support the economic reforms taking place.

He said the constituency meeting will be called on to explain the issue of the bond notes “as we have noted that there are deliberate distortions meant to cause a national crisis”.

The retired colonel also noted that the party must shun factionalism and keep the eye on the ball and deal with the issues that give impetus towards 2018.

Shumba directed all Zanu PF MPs in the province to carry and continue to carry out their constituency programmes without hindrances and said no one could stop a sitting MP from “carrying out his political and democratic right as provided for by both the party and national constitutions.”

Shumba received a standing ovation after his address.


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