Zinasu appeals for vacation jobs


HARARE – Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) has asked the private sector to offer students jobs while on vacation to cater for their tuition.

This comes as at least 12 000 students have dropped out of tertiary institutions by April this year.

Zinasu spokesperson Zivai Mhetu said students were reeling from economic hardships, with parents struggling to make ends meet.

“Due to failure to pay fees, a lot of students are dropping out of college which has prompted Zinasu to implore the private sector to give jobs to students during the impending vacation so that they can raise money,” Mhetu said.

However, with over 85 percent of Zimbabweans unemployed, the students’ chances of getting jobs are next to none.

Mhetu said even though several institutions allowed students to sit for their exams despite being in arrears, they will not be given access to their results, which are a prerequisite for carrying on to the next level.

“As such, a lot of students do not only need money to pay fees for next semester but also need financial resources to pay outstanding fees from the previous one,” Mhetu said.

He added: “The private sector should weigh in and offer temporary vacation jobs to students so that they can raise money for fees.”

Mhetu pleaded with big companies, small scale business owners, civic society organisations and churches, among other institutions, to assist students in their quest to sustain their educational needs.

“I know that a very small number of businesses are currently operating in the country due to the ongoing economic malaise but I would like to call upon those few enterprises that are open to sacrifice and assist students,” he said.

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