Ex-ZBC presenter loses inheritance case


BULAWAYO – Former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation radio presenter Alice Masuku, who has been locked in a legal wrangle with her late half-brother’s child over his estate, has lost the battle.

Masuku is a former presenter of Inhlupho Zanamuhla, a Radio Zimbabwe programme which focused on socio-cultural and economic challenges faced by families and individuals, especially widows and the disadvantaged in society.

According to court papers, Masuku is alleged to have fraudulently inherited her late half-brother, Mbizo Masuku’s house in Old Pumula suburb after she allegedly purported to be the surviving spouse.

The wrangle has been dragging in the courts since the death of Mbizo Masuku, the half-brother, in 2002, according to court papers.

Mbizo’s son, Natsho, through his lawyers Samp Mlaudzi and Partners, last year took the matter to the High Court, claiming to be the rightful heir.

In his founding affidavit, Natsho pointed out that he was illiterate and could not read but he was still the first degree interstate successor of the estate as he was the only surviving descendent.

“This is an application for review of the decision of the additional master on the basis of a gross irregularity in the administration of my father’s estate,” said Natsho.

A ruling passed by Justice Nicholas Mathonsi set aside the letters of administration previously granted to Masuku by the then provincial magistrate Sikhumbuzo Nyathi who had ruled in her favour.

“All rights privileges, entitlements and benefits accruing from the letters of administration be and are hereby nullified and the winding up of the estate of the late Mbizo Masuku who died on December 4, 2002 is set aside and the estate reopened for fresh administration,” ruled justice Mathonsi.

He also ordered the Additional Master to convene an edict meeting within 10 days of granting of the order.

Allegations are that Masuku and her late half-brother’s wife Mavis Lunga-nee Mawoyo connived to fraudulently prepare documents purporting that the heir to the property, Natsho who is the only son of the late Masuku and Mawoyo-Lunga had died since his whereabouts according to them was unknown for about 20 years.

According to the documents, Masuku and Mawoyo-Lunga were never married and only had a son together.


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