Activists protest over injustices


HARARE – Five activists have braved the cold winter nights and started sleeping at Africa Unity Square to protest against poor governance by Zanu PF.

The 16-day campaign, which began on Tuesday night, was initiated by Lynnette Mudehwe, Lynda Masarira and Davison Mukushwa from the Zimbabwe Activist Alliance and Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance.

In an interview with the Daily News, Mudehwe said it was time that Zimbabweans stood up against the government’s injustices.

She said though social media campaigns had brought citizens’ complaints to the fore, it was time that people actually acted against obtaining injustices.

Mudehwe said Zanu PF made many promises to the people in the run up to the 2013 harmonised elections yet three years after assuming office nothing has materialised save for the worsening hardships.

She said the initiative to sleep in the open is meant to drive the President Robert Mugabe-led government to respond to the citizens’ complaints.

“There are cancer patients who are dying because machines are non-functional at Parirenyatwa Hospital while government affords to pay for a vice president’s lengthy hotel stay. The government’s priorities are . . .  skewed,” she said.

The female activist said vulnerable people are being left to their own devices yet government is busy spending money extravagantly.

Fellow activist Masarira said there was a system failure in the country, which has seen people being reduced to abject poverty.

The former National Railways of Zimbabwe employee said government is reluctant to act as it deliberately turns a blind eye to the social injustices it is inflicting on citizens.

She argued that the delay in the re-alignment of laws to the new Constitution has led to the continued abuse of Zimbabweans.

“Government has manipulated and oppressed us for so long. Our leaders are so out of touch with what is going on. They are enjoying the good life in their . . . mansions while the same people who voted for them have to contend with squashed dwellings,” Masarira said.

Lately, Zimbabweans have taken to social media sites Twitter, facebook and Whatsapp to share their grievances.

Most prominent among them is cleric Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag campaign, which has prompted many Zimbabwean local and in the Diaspora to don the national flag physically and as profile pictures for their accounts.


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