The Voice USA contestant Nhira in Zim


HARARE – The Voice USA contestant Brian Nhira is in the country.

He will perform on Saturday at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) from 4pm.

Nhira was in the top 20 of the music talent show which ended a few weeks ago.

Close to 40 000 people auditioned.

He was born of Zimbabwean parents who are preachers in America.

“I am here with my parents for their Hope of Nations Ministry Fellowship which is currently ongoing at the HICC and will end on Saturday.

“I will have a concert with the Celebration Centre youths on Friday. On the following day, I will perform from 4-5pm at the HICC.

“My music is a mixture of Christian music and inspirational,” he said.

Nhira auditioned for The Voice and made it after wowing judges including Pharrell Williams.

When he auditioned, Pharrell said of Nhira’s rendition of Happy, “Singing wise, I felt like you went up there and had a good time. Clearly, you sing the song much better than I did. I’m not phishing. He did some notes that I know I can’t do.”

Nhira spoke about his journey at the big international talent show.

“Everything about The Voice started last June, I did a private audition in my home state of Oklahoma. It was actually a week after I came from visiting Zimbabwe.

“After that, we spent a month in Los Angeles getting ready for the blind auditions, I auditioned with Happy.

“It was a unique opportunity as I was singing Happy in front of a guy who wrote Happy, that was definitely an experience and that just started a whole beautiful journey.

“The experience of working with someone like Pharrell was pretty amazing as he is someone who is at the top in the music industry, anything that has the name Pharrell is a hit. So the opportunity to glean from him and people like Diddy, Miley Cyrus, is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life,” he said.

He added that The Voice opened up doors for him and that he is working on new projects.

“I think definitely in the future you can look forward to collaborations; I’m excited to expand my borders to go into different areas in TV.

“We have had a lot of amazing people approach us, we are still in negotiations. The good thing is that we will be able to go out there and work. These things take time so I cannot really say who I will be working with now, but definitely we have something in the pipeline.

“We are friends with people I was with at The Voice and it was an amazing experience.”

Nhira currently has one album dubbed Hope’s Stand.

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