‘Zanu PF behaving like opposition’


HARARE – While Zanu PF’s recent one million-man  march has come and gone, social and political commentator contend it has not changed anything at all as corruption, hunger, joblessness and money shortages continue unabated.

Human rights activist Dewa Mavhinga said this was a circus right out of George Orwell’s satirical novel Animal farm.


“The so-called million-man march which did not attract millions was an exercise in personality cult hero worship but without any benefits to the people of Zimbabwe,” said Mavhinga.

Playwright Leonard Matsa said the march was a full-blown political event; a show of power and visual justification for any election or by-election result in the future.

“It must change the opposition’s approach most definitely, but we know our opposition would rather attack musicians than find lessons from this.

“But beyond this, corruption, cash shortages, poverty and company closures will not march away any time soon. Zanu PF are political grand-masters with a 17th Century economic mind-set.”

Political commentator Mcdonald Lewanika said the march came and went with its only beneficiaries being the self-absorbed Mugabe regime, which successfully proves to itself that instead of focusing of national problem solving, it can still engage in useless exercises of mutual self-praise.

“Beyond that, benefits will accrue neither to the participants of the March nor the nation. The March itself and its use of the flag under the #ourflag harsh tag served to show yet again how Zanu PF personalises, trivialises and hijacks the discontents of ordinary citizens and opposition.

“Instead of dealing with important issues…. they do a counter march and physically occupy space that has traditionally been associated with the opposition and call it Robert Mugabe Square.

“Instead of dealing with the concerns raised by Pastor Evan and thousands others under the #Thisflag campaign, they hijack the flag call it #ourflag and still do nothing about the issues raised.”


Media practitioner Tabani Moyo said this was one of those wasteful activities, which shows the extent of leadership paralyses.

“We have numerous competing needs requesting the attention of the country’s leadership such as the suffocating health system, the collapse of service delivery, raging drought, decaying infrastructure and liquidity crunch among other ills but a whole party and government leadership spends an estimated $1 million on a march…this madness surely must stop. The ruling party must not be allowed to behave like an opposition party,” said Moyo.

Playwright Silvanos Mudzvova said bank queues are still there and even getting bigger after the million-man.

“It was of no significance to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe at all. The march actually strained the economy in a big way as companies and schools were forced to fund such a useless event.

“At the end yes thousands attended and then what?”Mudzvova added that people should be fighting for the betterment of the country than waste energy on useless events like these marches.

Filmmaker Elton Mjanana said after the march, nothing at all will change.

“Solidarity with Mugabe could have been through solidarity messages rather than coming to Harare in person.

“The money used in the context of the march may seem like small change but in the greater picture of things and the livelihoods of the majority of the marchers…that’s a fortune that could have been used usefully.

“Nothing will change, if anything changes it be will be for the worse.”

Political commentator Elliot Pfebve said the much-hyped march passed leaving more questions than answers, apart from abuse of office and taxpayer’s money and busing the vulnerable to be abused by Zany PF.

“That they were demonstrating against a government in-waiting’s call for a Zimbabwe that is just and prosperous came as a shock not only to Zimbabweans but the world over.

“It is short of madness that a government through its incompetency had driven a once prosperous nation into abject poverty can still stoop low to force-march people to sing its hymn of darkness.

“Which government in the world instead of finding solutions to national crises would find idle time to demonstrate against itself, for failing the people of Zimbabwe? The Zanu PF government has lost all moral, psychological and strategic campus; it is a mockery of all political worlds living and dead,” said Pfebve.

He said today after they force-marched the vulnerable citizens of the country, using their poverty and desperation as a tool, “we ask, what solutions do you have to feed the starving three million people in Zimbabwe? What plans do you have to create the 2,2 million jobs you promised?

“What plans do you have to thoroughly investigate and prosecute those who stole $15 billion in diamond revenue? What plans do you have to put back investor confidence after your sleep walking ill-fated indigenisation policy? What plans do you have to relinquish power and let the will of the people decide who governs them?”

Pfebve added that  it interesting to note that Mugabe is actually not an intelligent copy-cat, for he decided to copy Morgan Tsvangirai for calling the demo, but was too weak and frail to march with his own purported supporters.



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