Public toilets shortage hits Harare


HARARE – As the the urban population continues to swell, Harare is now running out of public ablution facilities, council spokesperson Michael Chideme has said.

In an interview with the Daily News last week, Chideme said people coming into the city to trade daily are now congesting the few toilets that are available.


The city has 113 public toilets, with 89 of them still functional and 24 defective.

A total of 21 toilets are in the central business district (CBD) and four are on a pay-as-you-use facility.

Chideme said Harare is now looking into private public partnerships with corporate investors who can build new toilets around the city.

“I am challenging the private sector to come and invest by building pay toilets. We have the land for that, if there are any corporates interested,” Chideme said.

According to health committee minutes dated May 5, Harare City Council (HCC) and a local company Vost will be engaging in a partnership to upgrade toilets around the city.

The renovations which will cost between $6 000 and $10 000 per toilet come at a time when HCC is struggling to finance its wage bill.

The minutes state that the renovations will be at the Charge Office, Leopold Takawira, Jason Moyo and Fourth Street toilets as well as two other unidentified facilities in the city.

Director of Works Phillip Pfukwa said of the two unidentified toilets, one should be in a high density area and another in a low density shopping centre.

Pfukwa said Vost would start with toilets in the CBD and extend to other areas of Harare.

“Vost’s obligations would be to renovate and maintain the facility, provide financing and ensure that the facility is kept under hygienic conditions at all times. They would also be expected to do standard routine checks weekly on the toilets,” Pfukwa said.

He added that the city in return was obliged to provide running water and approve the bill of quantities.

Pfukwa said council would also be responsible for the external sewerage system and compliance with all rules, by-laws and statutory obligations of the agreement.

“There will be no monitory value pledged to the City of Harare, however, we pledge to supply cleaning materials on a monthly basis for one year from the date of signing the agreement,” he said.

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