Southern Leisure Casino re-launches


HARARE – Southern Leisure Casino, a trendy gaming house situated at Borrowdale Racecourse in Harare, is set to re-launch today after undergoing a major facelift.

The manager of the casino, Ketayi Hondoma, told Daily News the renovations had made Southern Leisure Casino “the only game in town”.

“What we are simply doing is bringing a world-class casino to Harare for people to come and relax and enjoy while enjoying their game peacefully.

“The casino is located at Borrowdale Racecourse above the gym and we want people to experience first-class treatment and hospitality,” said Hondoma.

She added that they have invested a lot to take the gaming house to new heights.

“On Friday (today) we are re-launching the casino and the games to be played are roulette, black jack and also slot machines. During the re-launch there will be lots of fun and games where patrons will win different prizes,” she said.

Casinos in Harare have been criticised for being rough to patrons and lacking good customer care but Hondoma said her casino is in a different class.

“You can check with those who patronise this place or who have passed through. There is exquisite hospitality and we do take care of our people. We have well-trained waitresses who make sure the patrons are well fed and drink whatever they want on the house as is the case at trendy casinos around the world.

“On Friday (today), our croupiers will unveil their new uniforms as we now have uniforms for weekends and a different one for the weekdays. We are moving with the times and end of next month there will be a car raffle just to empower our patrons,” Hondoma said.

The Southern Leisure manager added that Borrowdale Racecourse was an ideal location due to its peaceful environs.

“We open our casino at 6pm everyday until late and I can assure you that this is the place to be whenever you feel like relaxing while playing roulette, black jack or slot machines. We have trained the staff, and the fact is that we have brought Las Vegas Casino to Harare,” she said.

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