Kandiero leads Team Zimbabwe


HARARE – Local top bodybuilder Vincent Kandiyero leads the National Federation of Zimbabwe Bodybuilding Federation (NFZBBF) team for the inaugural Anorlds Classic Africa.

The 20-member team left Harare on Tuesday by road.

The Pro Fitness Gym athlete known in bodybuilding circles as “Vince Carter” oozed confidence that the team would do well in the maiden African event scheduled to run in Johannesburg’s Sandton town from this Friday to Sunday.

“I will be contesting in the light heavyweight category and I’m confident that a podium finish is in the offing. I have had the best of preparations that I could get and couldn’t have asked for anything more than that,” Kandiyero told the Daily News before their departure.

“The team has a fair balance in both the male and female departments and chances of a medal haul are very high. We are all raring to go and in terms of regret possibly our means of transport all things being equal it would have been nice to fly to South Africa so that the conditioning part of the body doesn’t deteriorate but all the same, we look forward to the challenge.”

NFZBBF spokesperson Quiet Shangai said the 20 athletes were being accompanied by five officials with eight bodybuilders from the initial list of 28 failing to make it owing to various reasons.

“Athletes have managed to raise their registration fees. NFZBBF managed to secure transport and accommodation as few of our athletes are staying in South Africa and one is based in Botswana,” he said.

“Lack of funding is affecting us and we need support from everyone.”

Registration fee for each athlete for the event is pegged at $250 plus an additional 30 Euros for the IFBB international cards

The Arnolds Classic is a professional bodybuilding competition launched in 1989 in the United States by the Hollywood celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the Mr Olympia contest on seven occasions.

The competition has however, since expanded to create an international series of multi-sport festivals, driven by the Austrian-born actor with the Arnolds Classic coming to Africa for the first time next month.

Schwarzenegger, who also dabbles in politics and rose to become the governor of California in 2003 and renowned for his roles in blockbuster Hollywood movies like Commando, The Terminator, Predator and Expendables, is expected to grace the event.

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