Chaos at Zanu PF million-man march


HARARE – Chaotic scenes characterised yesterday’s Zanu PF youth league’s so-called one million-man march as party supporters fought for T-shirts, bottled water and national flags, interrupting President Robert Mugabe during his speech.

At one point, Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere had to take to the podium to silence the seemingly disinterested supporters who could be heard shouting while Mugabe was ploughing through his long speech.


“There is too much noise on that side, security please make sure the people over there sit down so that the president can be heard,” shouted Kasukuwere.

Earlier, party supporters from Masvingo province exchanged blows over T-shirts at Rufaro Stadium.

Zanu PF Supporters wrestle for a party t-shirt at the Million Man March. Pic: Freedom Mashava

Masvingo provincial chairperson Amasi Nenjana had to intervene.

“These people do not understand. We told them we wanted to distribute the T-shirts in an orderly manner now they are coming to you (the press)…,” Nenjana said as he gave his own T-shirt to one of the party members who had sought audience with the Daily News. 

As the chaos ensued, Mugabe warned factional elements in his warring party that they were committing an act of treason.

“You met discouraging remarks from even within the party along the way with some saying you cannot mobilise, what are you trying to do but you were determined until they even realised that you were doing the right thing and they decided to support you,” Mugabe said.

The nonagenarian also slammed the former freedom fighters for having their own political discourse outside the party.

“Those elders who must be listened to are only those that follow the party not those that say you must only listen to me. Those who say they belong to such and such a faction are deceiving themselves.

“War veterans must work within the party, they cannot have their political voice outside the party, they must follow the party and if they have any complaints, they are better dealt within the party.

“There are people who are creating little groups and those little groups are treasonous,” Mugabe said.


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