Youths moot daily anti-Mugabe demos


HARARE – A youth movement under the #Tajamuka has vowed to protest on the streets of Zimbabwe everyday until President Robert Mugabe steps down from power.

The group, led by Zimbabwe Informal Sector Organisation chairperson Promise Mkwananzi, said they will not be waylaid by the failed Zanu PF leader anymore.

At a gathering in Harare yesterday, Mkwananzi said Mugabe should pave way for the implementation of constitutional reforms.

“He no longer has the ability to superintend over the affairs of our country. We cannot wait for 2018, the country is bleeding and we have decided to finish the unfinished business of the liberation struggle,” he said.

Mkwananzi proclaimed that unless there are electoral reforms which also include an overhaul of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, there will be no elections in 2018.

He also said the one million-man march scheduled for tomorrow ostensibly in support of Mugabe should be abandoned as it does not improve the lives of Zimbabweans.

“You cannot use Africa Day to march for an individual not least to marshal the country’s already meagre resources towards a senseless and meaningless march. Our economy is in disarray, hospitals are malfunctioning, schools are dropping standards yet you still have time to organise a march that has nothing to do with improving the situation in the country.

“We ask with no answers what happened to the $15 billion from our natural resources and the missing $10 million Youth Fund launched six months ago?” he said.

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