Million-man march waste of scarce resources


HARARE – While we support freedom of association, assembly and the right to demonstrate, we are still to fully comprehend how the Zanu PF one million-man march will solve the myriad of problems Zimbabweans face today.

Just in case we are accused by some overexcited loonies paid to propagate pro-Zanu PF propaganda of being an opposition paper — let it be known that we are as patriotic as they come.

But unlike our leaders, who have a perchance of burying their heads in the sand while the country burns, we are alive to the suffering in the country.

Daily, we are inundated with distress calls from long-suffering Zimbabweans who will be seeking the meaning of life 36 years after independence.

The statistics have never been grimmer.

According to the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, 80 percent of Zimbabweans are unemployed, industries are closing on a daily basis and thousands of graduates from underfunded colleges are routinely thrown into unemployment while over three million Zimbabweans need food aid.

The health service delivery system — just like the ailing economy — is on the deathbed, and at a moment the doctor should be offering cure, the party organises a one million-man march. What a waste by the governing party.

It boggles the mind how this will solve the problems besetting the country — which were spawned by the same 92-year-old man, Zanu PF youths want to march in solidarity with tomorrow.

President Robert Mugabe is the chief architect of this monumental disaster and he does not deserve a pat on the back but rather a rapping on the knuckles.

Collectively, Zimbabweans should stand up and demand answers from Mugabe, who has stunted their progress as a nation when other countries are making huge economic strides.

The march, apart from being a factional procession, has no bearing on the ordinary folk selling tomatoes in Epworth or villagers living on wild fruits in Mwenezana — some forgotten and down-trodden place in Masvingo Province.

Apart from blowing thousands of dollars — this so-called million-man march will do nothing to create the 2,2 million jobs that Mugabe promised in 2013.

This march will not bring food on the table neither will it end Zanu PF’s war with itself. This march is another sign that the plane is on auto cruise and we are headed for disaster.

Money channelled towards this senseless march could greatly help hungry villagers.

Instead of marching against corruption and the whereabouts of proceeds from diamond sales, Zanu PF foot soldiers are marching in solidarity with Mugabe.

But then expecting a solution from the bankrupt Zanu PF regime is just like expecting Christmas to come in June.

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