UK band adds lustre to sungura


HARARE – United Kingdom-based Simba Mupfudze, Tonde Nembaware and Jake Gardner have set out on a mission to add an international dimension to sungura music.

The trio, which goes by the name Kambo, has just released a sungura song titled Melo that is accompanied by a swanky video .The song’s video — which is not a typically sungura one — recently topped the Zim Top Ten chart on the DStv channel Zambezi Magic.

Bulawayo-born Mupfudze told the Daily News on Sunday that Melo was part of their efforts to make sungura music acceptable beyond its usual support base.

“The idea is to take sungura to a new level. We aim to take this native sound international, this means there is no room for compromise.

“So putting out a great quality video to engage the current generation and have them relate to it is of paramount importance,” he said.

Mupfudze added that Kambo was grateful to Harare-based music producer Mono Mukundu for creating the sungura beat for them.

“We do everything online. We have never met but we communicate almost every day and that keeps us in the same mindset.

“It is fun working with Mono. Every instrumentation he does for us always brings the best out of us. He understands us and that is what makes him a quality producer; he is golden,” he said.

The upcoming musician was, however, quick to point out that Kambo won’t be limited to just sungura music.

“Currently, we are focusing on sungura but we must emphasise that our team is solid and very flexible at the same time so we may do other genres.

“We will keep bringing out new material. We may engage a few collaborations to open up other potential markets .We are in the final stages of setting up our own record label,” said Mupfudze.

He added the members of Kambo were not always into sungura.

“We initially were into Gospel acappella for some time and we then decided to try out a unique African sound and sungura was a genre we felt would be ideal to start with.

“We are influenced by the old Zimbabwean musicians who include Khiama Boys, Four Brothers, The Chimbetus, Leornard Dembo, System Tazvida, Paul Matavire, Bhundu Boys and Alick Macheso Solomon Skuza and Lovemore Majaivana,” said the Bulawayo-born musician.

Mupfudze and Mutare-born Nembaware formed Kambo a few years ago before being joined by Gardner, a DJ working for an Ipswich radio station called IO Radio.

“Gardner heard some of our early acappella stuff and liked it. He invited us for an interview on his radio show and he then began recording with us. We thought he would be a great addition to the team,” the Ipswich-based musician said.

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