Mbare Chimurenga falls victim to factionalism


HARARE – Pro-Zanu PF Mbare Chimurenga Choir leader Elizabeth Bwanya says their soon-to-be-released fourth album will be confined to lyrics supporting President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Before the intra-party squabbles become pronounced, Mbare Chimurenga used to praise virtually every influential leader in Zanu PF including former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Bwanya said their new stance was in line with the party’s new position that recognises Mugabe as the only centre of power.

“Hatiite zvema factions, and hatichangoimba vese vese but, takungoimba …Mugabe na aMai Grace Mugabe chete. (We are not involved in party factions and we have since stopped praising every leader except Mugabe and his wife Grace),” said Bwanya.

The forthcoming 10-track album is called Mira Panzvimbo.

“This time around we have secured enough resources to record the album and we are releasing it soon,” she said.

The bootlicking choir boasts of three albums namely Nyatsoteerera, Simuka Tiverengane (Mahwindi) and Gushungo Excellence.

“Mbare Chimurenga mainly comprises vegetable and hardware vendors operating in Mbare Musika hence every member of the group contributes about $15 whenever we want to record music.

“Our contributions at times will not be enough to cater for recordings as on average our albums carry at least 10 tracks. In return we only realise a few dollars which are insignificant after selling our CDs,” said Bwanya in a previous interview with the Daily News on Sunday.

Bwanya’s group initially had 67 members before it was rocked by splits.

“Some of our members walked away from the group in pursuit of greener pastures. Groups such as Mabvuku Chimurenga Choir and Yemurai among others all came from Mbare Chimurenga. I am happy that we are spreading wings across the country,” said the 54-year-old group leader.

Bwanya said she was inspired to venture into the music industry by the history of this country.

“Most African countries acquired their independence through negotiations but ours was different. We got it through the gun; it came as a result of bloodshed. I think this history deserves to be narrated through music.

“Music is the fastest and most effective way of communication as it teaches, entertains and informs,” she said.

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