Kereke’s wife accused of perjury


HARARE – A private prosecutor handling the ongoing trial of Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke yesterday exposed inconsistencies in the testimony of the Zanu PF lawmaker’s wife and accused her of lying to exonerate her husband.

Kereke is being charged with rape and indecent assault after allegedly molesting his wife Patience Muswapadare’s two nieces at their Vainona residence in 2010.

Private prosecutor Charles Warara said that after knowing about the rape allegations, Muswapadare joined hands with her husband and fought tooth and nail to diffuse the accusations.

Muswapadare claimed that she was booked at the Avenues Clinic from August 12 to 21 hence Kereke was not at her house during the period that the complainants claim to have been molested.

She also dismissed claims by one of her nieces that she secretly washed blood-stained sheets the morning after the alleged rape incident, saying she would never allow an 11-year-old to do her own laundry since it was her responsibility as the aunt.

“You have told us that you were booked at the Avenues Clinic on August 12 but in a statement you made to the police you wrote August 13,” queried Warara.

“You also claimed that you were a responsible aunt who would wash for her nieces but your mother’s statement suggests that there were two house maids at your house which is the reason why you did not notice when the complainant washed her own linen.

“In your evidence, you claim to have met the complainants’ grandmother when you were booked at the Avenues Clinic but now you want to claim that she came to you on several occasions, as your mother states — to ask for money.

“ . . . and at that time you knew that the grandmother and others had never met the accused person, yet you claim they could ask for money from him?”

Muswapadare responded that she had mixed up dates and could not recall some of the events.

She said her niece “must have been dreaming” that Kereke had raped her.

However, Warara said Muswapadare pretended that she was never aware of the rape incident to mislead the court.

“Have you realised that from the evidence of the two complainants, there is a developing trend. When the children were sexually molested, you had been asked to go and buy beer on the first count and made to go and cook around 3am on the second count,” asked Warara.

“Are you saying the complainants would plot the coincidence that on each of the incidences you had been sent away?”

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