Grace is an angel: MP


HARARE – Zanu PF MP for Harare South, Shadreck Mashayamombe, has taken bootlicking to new levels by describing First Lady Grace Mugabe as an angel sent by God to help long-suffering Zimbabweans realise their full potential.

Speaking to party supporters in his constituency last week, Mashayamombe — one of the most vocal supporters of Grace — said it is no wonder that the governing party settled for the first lady to be the women’s league boss.

“Leaders are chosen by God and we were given….Amai by the heavens, she is the one who will end all the suffering and I believe that with people like her Zimbabwe is in safe hands. To me she is like an angel and I believe in her,” said a grovelling Mashayamombe.

Since making a grand entry into the tumultuous political playing field, Grace has divided public opinion — with her opponents describing her as divisive while her supporters regard her as a strategist and philanthropist ever ready to serve the people.

Mashayamombe — who has been holding constituency engagement meetings in his Harare South — told the residents of the sprawling suburb of Retreat that he was not aware of the existence of any faction in Zanu PF especially at the grassroots level.

“We have heard that there are factions in Zanu PF but what I would like to tell the leadership is that on the ground we are united, we are not being led by anyone but the leadership that was chosen by our president.

“We have one centre of power and that is President Robert Mugabe, anyone who wants to challenge him we will show him that Harare doesn’t tolerate dissent,” said Mashayamombe.

Zanu PF is divided along two factions, one led by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Generation 40 (G40) faction that is packed with people opposed to the VP presidential ambitions.

“We are going to make sure that we will contribute the highest number towards the one million-man march. As Harare South, we will make a statement and make sure that we are the largest. Anyone who will try to stand in our way will be flattened by the might of the people,” said Mashayamombe.

The march organised by the governing party’s youth league has yet again left Zanu PF divided as some elements in the Team Lacoste faction have been spiritedly resisting the planned procession that will be held on Wednesday.

But Mashayamombe said anyone opposed to the march is against the leadership of Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980.

“There are some people who want to stop the march, why? We are not going to tolerate successionists to destabilise the party.

“Look, they are attacking the commissar (Saviour Kasukuwere). Isn’t that a direct attack on the president who appointed him?” asked Mashayamombe.

The belligerent politician, who is also Zanu PF Harare province political commissar, also brought officials from Harare municipality to help in the regularisation of stands in the area and is also working towards bringing electricity and sewerage to the area.


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