Kereke’s wife coached: Prosecutor


HARARE – Zanu PF Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke’s wife Patience Muswapadare was accused yesterday of being coached to absolve her husband in the ongoing rape trial.

Kereke is being accused of sexually molesting two of his wife’s nieces at his Vainona residence in 2010.

He is charged with rape and indecent assault.

His wife yesterday dismissed her niece’s claims saying they were “liars” and “party animals” who had a tendency of sneaking out to all-night bashes.

Muswapadare claimed Kereke was not at her house during the period that the minors claimed to have been sexually molested.

She later refused to cooperate when the private prosecutor, Charles Warara, quizzed her about other relevant details.

“In August 2010, my four-month-old son fell sick and was admitted at Avenues Clinic from August 12 to 21. We got discharged around 10am. I arrived at home around 11am and my husband later came around 8pm but did not sleep at the house,” she said.

“My mother, brother, nephew, the complainants and a security guard, were present at the residence and I do not recall being told by any of my nieces that they had been sexually molested. I would go through their phones and discovered that they texted non-family males.”

According to court papers, Muswapadare allegedly woke up one of the complainants around 3am to take care of her son before Kereke reportedly took advantage and raped her.

However, Muswapadare yesterday refuted the claims: “I wouldn’t wake an 11-year-old when my mother was there for that purpose, I wouldn’t have been cooking for my husband at around 3am and also there was no couch in my bedroom at that time as alleged by the complainant.

“She made threats of reporting that Kereke had fondled her breasts and that everyone would believe her just because he had refused to pay their school fees and travel documents to visit their mother in the United Kingdom.”

When Warara began cross examining Muswapadare, she professed ignorance about most things involving Kereke’s alleged rape.

“Would you tell the court about the accused person’s other wives…whether they have children or not and where he goes to reside when he is not at your house? In the line of his wives, what number are you and do you know about his businesses and properties?” Warara cross examined her.

Muswapadare responded that she did not care about knowing all that detail because she was content with what Kereke gave her.

She also failed to recall dates of when the police had visited her residence to arrest Kereke or when they had allegedly contacted the complainants’ guardians to discuss the rape allegations.

“Why are you now forgetting these dates yet you had recited every other date that buttresses the accused person’s defence?” asked Warara. The trial continues.

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