Mpofu under fire


BULAWAYO – Macro-economic Planning and Investment Promotion minister Obert Mpofu has come under fire after he lambasted the outspoken Ntabazinduna chief, Nhlanhla Ndiweni, for pushing for the closure of a Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depot.

Chief Ndiweni argued that “locals are not benefiting anything from it and face hunger”.

The Umguza legislator said: “What he (Ndiweni) is doing is anti-people. We do not want confusion in Ntabazinduna . . . he can’t shut down a public institution which does not belong to him, it belongs to the public.”

This did not go down well with Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) which supported Ndiweni. “MRP stands with Ndiweni on the issue of rights and welfare of the people of Ntabazinduna and others in Matabeleland who for long have suffered discriminatory practices from government agencies and departments,” MRP president Mqondisi Moyo said.

“We stand for correction of such malpractices which are in violation of the Constitution of the country,” he said, adding that what the chief did was within his jurisdiction.

Moyo described Ndiweni as a brave and solid traditional leader who deserves support of like-minded people. This not the first time Ndiweni has ruffled feathers. At one point called for the closure of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correction Services training depots in Ntabazinduna, arguing they were not serving any meaningful purpose to his people.

He demanded that these institutions be turned into vocational training centres or that half of the recruits should come from the area.

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