Coca-Cola launches global campaign


HARARE – International beverages manufacturer Coca-Cola has launched its new global campaign, ‘Taste the Feeling’ in Zimbabwe.

The campaign, which was launched last night, has set a new benchmark for the audaciously innovative world of event activation, Coca-Cola said.

“Every day, millions of people across Zimbabwe and around the world reach for an ice cold Coca-Cola,” said the company’s marketing activations manager, Vee Chibanda.

“The new ‘One Brand’ approach will bring together all Coca-Cola Trademark products, reinforcing our commitment to offer our consumers’ choice with more clarity and showing how everyone can enjoy the specialness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola, with or without calories, based on their taste, lifestyle and diet,” she said.

Using a unique approach that leverages universal storytelling through Instagram-inspired imagery, the campaign celebrates the simple pleasure of drinking a Coca-Cola beverage, featuring the product at center stage.

Delta Sparkling Beverages, one of the two companies that bottles Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe, said it was proud to be on the front line, marketing and bringing this innovative and outstanding campaign to life in Zimbabwe

“More than ever, we recognize people want their Coca-Cola in different ways,” Delta sales executive Tich Chipangura said.

Whichever one they choose, they want a Coca-Cola brand with great taste and uplifting refreshment. Through our ‘One Brand’ strategy we will move away from multiple brand campaigns, to one single iconic brand campaign that celebrates both the product and the brand,” he added.

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