Chiefs scorn ministers


HARARE – Chiefs yesterday blasted Zanu PF ministers for protecting “imposter” chiefs who are sowing seeds of divisions in communities.

In a no-holds-barred meeting with the ministry of Culture yesterday, the frustrated chiefs spoke of various wars persisting between unnamed ministers whom they declined to name and traditional leaders.

“The things being prioritised you wonder….there are these potentially political types of moves and you find the head office much interested, more than anyone on what is in Midlands, yet you have a whole government structure there,” president of the Chiefs Council Fortune Charumbira said.

Chief Ngungubane of Mberengwa said he was disturbed over inconsistencies over selection and appointment of chiefs in the Midlands Province.

“…we have chieftainships that have been perennially outstanding with regards to appointment and selection, the likes of Chief Chiundura, Chief Mazvihwa and Chief Mukosi,” Chief Ngungubane said.

Other chiefs also blasted ministers for going outside their mandate and wielding undue influence in the running of the chiefs’ affairs.

“It’s unfortunate that in some areas, acting chiefs are being protected by politicians and ministers,” Chief Zvimba said.

“Some have overstayed their mandate, suspiciously a mandate given to them by politicians.

“Other acting chiefs continue to wear chiefs’ regalia even after their term has expired, presiding over trials and impersonating as chiefs. It’s unheard of. We have acting chiefs who have been in an acting capacity for the last 10 years and they say ‘as long as minister so and so is there, we are not going anywhere.’  It must stop,” Chief Zvimba said.

Chief Musarurwa also echoed the sentiments of Chief Zvimba.

“This thing of imposter chiefs seems like a joke but it’s giving us sleepless nights,” Chief Masarurwa said.

“In my province, I am Chief Masarurwa but there is also another Chief Musarurwa. I don’t think the president would be amused if he is to hear there is another person masquerading as the president…..These are the things that cause civil war.”

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