MDC youths moot taking ‘endgame campaign’ to SA


HARARE – Sensing the demise of faction-torn Zanu PF, youths in the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai are now setting up and strengthening regional structures ahead of the much-anticipated 2018 elections.

Speaking to the Daily News, MDC youths leader Happymore Chidziva said they will not fold arms while Zanu PF destroys the country.

“We need to end this Zanu PF madness now, we can’t keep folding our hands while (President Robert) Mugabe is enjoying with his family, enough is enough we must act …,” said Chidziva.

According to the opposition youths leader they are planning to take their peaceful demonstrations to Sadc countries starting with South Africa, so as to pile up pressure on Mugabe.

“The direction now is marching towards the end game. We are mobilising our people to defy the government of the day as it is now old and clueless. Whenever government official visits SA, they must face tough times.”

Chidziva said that since the ruling party has failed the country, it is time for youths — who bear the full brunt of the economic collapse — to take matters into their own hands.

“They do not have a solution to solve the country’s problems. The president is the CEO of the country and he has failed us …We have the power to make a difference and that power is right in our hands. I am more persuaded now than ever before on the need to act and act decisively.”

The MDC has set May 28, for another massive demonstration in Bulawayo.

Last month, the MDC held a massive demonstration which jolted the warring Zanu PF factions.

The MDC is protesting against a number of issues, including Zanu PF’s failure to fulfil its promise to create 2, 2 million jobs as espoused in the ruling party’s 2013 election manifesto, as well as demand for answers following Mugabe’s recent revelations that $15 billion was stolen from the Chiadzwa diamond mining fields.

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