Exhibition puts spotlight on nudity


HARARE – Chinhoyi University of Technology (Cut) student Darius Mutamba has lined up an exhibition that explores nudity and sexuality.

The exhibition dubbed “Object of Desire,” to be held at Maestro Restaurant on June 1, 2016 will showcase photographs, prints, textiles, mixed media and drawings.

Mutamba’s forthcoming exhibition is part of his work as a final year student in the Cut department of Creative Art and Design.

“The nude human form has always been a topic of controversy. And when nudity is displayed in works of art it often provokes fierce resistance from sections of society.

“This exhibition is my attempt to draw attention to the nude human form and encourage debate and appreciation on it and enable me to present my perspective of it and the thoughts it provokes,” Mutamba said.

The former Daily News photojournalist explained why he titled his academic exhibition “Object of Desire.”

“Without doubt, the nude body is an ‘object of desire’ that can evoke far more complex and contradicting responses than any other forms of imagery.

“Nudity is an assertion of the ideals of freedom and triumph over fundamentalism and fear.

“Sexuality and mortality are our very nature and that the beauty of our animality cannot be separated from the beauty of our spirituality.

“Historically and biblically, the nude figure has been perceived as representing innocence and purity as well as sensuality and sexuality,” he added.

Mutamba is confident that his exhibition will stir debate around nudity.

“A work of art is in itself, an attempt to put living energy into a physical form, so the subject matter perfectly fits the activity.

“This exhibition represents my ideals of freedom of expression, open-mindedness, individualism and identity while at the same time celebrating the human form through an artistic story,” he said.

Mutamba said he is simply celebrating the human form, in its natural state.

“The nude is an image of unity, of spirit incarnate and matter imbued with life.”

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