‘Zanu PF unwilling to end rights violation’


HARARE – Zanu PF lacks the political will and commitment to addressing issues surrounding human rights which are on the rise, a report by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum claims.

In a quarterly political and human rights violations report, the human rights watchdog said instead of attending to the country’s worsening political and socio-economic crises — Zanu PF is trapped in mindless succession wars — that have no benefit for long suffering Zimbabweans.

“The Zimbabwe human rights situation remains turbulent, characterised by an escalation of human rights violations and a fragile socio-economic environment,” the report reads.

According to the report, human rights violations became more pronounced last year and “continued during the first quarter. Economic, social and cultural rights (Ecosoc) are violated partly through the government’s lack of commitment in investing in the realisation of these rights.

“The government is demonstrating limited commitment to promote and protect Ecosoc rights.”

Zanu PF is trapped in factional pitting allies of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and the generation 40 faction (G40) that is opposed to the Midlands godfather succeeding President Robert Mugabe.

“It is disturbing that the ruling party seems to be preoccupied with power contestations at the expense of the economy which is in a dire state making it very difficult for citizens to access their constitutionally guaranteed rights.”

The NGO forum said government “lacks the political will for constitutionalism” which is undermining the country’s potential to realise constitutionally guaranteed rights.

According to the report government’s failure to provide basics could signal the making of a failed State.

“As it stands the government, evidently lacks the capacity to address the multitude of challenges facing Zimbabwe today, hence the continued violation of human rights.”

The report also notes that continued violations of human rights have been worsened by government’s failure to align all domestic laws with the Constitution.

“A significant proportion of statutes do not comply with the Constitution. There is therefore an urgent need for the government to prioritise its basic functions of protecting citizens from violence and providing essential services such as health, education, sanitation, and clean and safe water among others.”

The report also added that the entrance of former vice president Joice Mujuru into opposition politics has also resulted in an increase in political violence.

“With ZPF (Mujuru’s party) seeming to gain political ground, increased reports of political intolerance have been noted throughout the country.

“These include disruption of their political meetings, denial of food aid and assaults on their support base. On the other hand, Zanu PF succession wars continue unabated.”

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