Anointing shoe shocker!


WHILE many preachers and evangelists are claiming to deliver congregants through different means, a preacher with New Revelation Ministries, Miracle Paul, recently unveiled an “anointing shoe” which he said serves as a link between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

The shoe, which belongs to Miracle Paul, was unveiled at one of his church services held at Magamba Hall in Warren Park, Harare.

“God communicates with people in different ways and some of the ways can be deemed ridiculous by critics but that is how He operates.

“People were delivered through a shoe. For one to be delivered, you simply need to type ‘Jesus’ on the sole of the shoe and automatically a voice with solutions will be received through the shoe. Kungo-typa kuti (if you only type the word) ‘Jesus’ zvako zvatoita (that’s all you need to do),” said Miracle Paul.

Glen View-based evangelist Tapiwa Freddy has claimed to deliver troubled people with “spiritual spectacles” which he said couples could use if they wanted to check on cheating spouses.

Despite the bizarreness of Miracle Paul’s act, congregants scrambled for the shoe, all in a bid to miraculously put an end to their problems.

Miracle Paul is one of the preachers operating in the country who claims to have been endorsed by the popular Nigerian televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua, popularly known as TB Joshua.

Asked why he used the shoe, Miracle Paul said: “I was coming from some church service, so my voice was not coming out clearly so God opted to use a shoe,” said Miracle Paul.

“The prophetic call came with my spiritual father Abel Mutumwa, who is based in South Africa, and he referred me to Nigerian preacher TB Joshua in 2014 who then told me to leave what I was doing for God’s work,” said Miracle Paul.

While the majority view modern preachers as “attention-seekers” and inspired by the love of money in venturing into church business, Miracle Paul defended himself.

“New Revelation is not a fly-by-night church but it has been there since 1986. I am not the founder of the church hence there is no way I can make money through that church.

“The church was founded by Mutumwa and it has some branches in the region that is South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique among other countries.

“In Zimbabwe, the church has branches in Warren Park, Chitungwiza, Banket, Bindura and Mabvuku among others,” he said.

Some of the local preachers who claim TB Joshua’s endorsement include Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya, House of Grace Ministries leader Sham Hungwe of “anointed exam pens” fame and Prophecy Embassy International founder Matthew Sibanda among others.

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