Mucherahowa cries for DeMbare


JOHANNESBURG – As I went through my Facebook page this week, I was drawn to one particular post from former Dynamos captain and midfielder Memory Mucherahowa lamenting about his former club.

The fiery ex-DeMbare midfielder spoke so passionately about the demise of the club that catapulted him to stardom before politics and the crumbling economy in the country forced him to do what millions of other Zimbabweans did — run away from the collapse in order to feed their families.

I’m sorry that I’m also one of those who jumped when I saw the ship take a pounding from the rough seas and failing to withstand the pressure.

Mucherahowa’s main gripe was with the shaky start Dynamos has experienced although most clubs have only played a handful of games.

But typical of a person who wants to take remedial action before it is too late, Mucherahowa has asked the Dynamos management to smell the coffee and do something urgently before it’s too late.

On Portuguese coach Paulo Jorge Silva, who was sacked on Thursday, the tiny midfielder says Dynamos had no future and the earlier they fired the European mentor the better.

Dynamos have only played five games so far in the current season, collecting the same number of points and lying 12th on the 16-team log.

Five games would not warrant anyone to start pressing panic buttons but Mwendamberi is having none of this.

In a normal situation or had the Portuguese been a black man, he reasons, Silva would have long walked the plank; a statement that evoked some interesting reactions.

One respondent who replied tongue-in-cheek said Dynamos were in a familiar territory only that the difference between the past and now is that in the past they dominated football because the officials were in the pockets of the Harare giants which was no longer the case now.

Another one supported the notion saying years of DeMbare dominance was mainly due to favouritism because match officials were afraid of the “corrupt” club management and intimidating supporters.

The name DeMaPena was derived from the club’s benefitting from unwarranted advantage in which they would collect tens of penalties in a year, said another writer.

Having been one of those who witnessed Dynamos at its imperious best, I understand where Mucherahowa is coming from.

The Glamour Boys are the biggest brand in Zimbabwean football. They are the most successful club in the country and are among the giants on the continent.

I have never been a fan of DeMbare but this is purely professional jealous because I was once a die-hard CAPS United supporter. Now those who know the history of the two clubs will attest that the two’s fans do not see eye to eye.

The main reason why Dynamos are on a free-fall has nothing to do with Silva.

Yes, the Portuguese journeyman might be one of those then unemployed people from Portugal who was looking for a job on the continent and poor Dynamos fell for his bait.

But the truth is the players currently donning the giants’ jersey are not worth tying the laces of their past predecessors.

This club ladies and gentlemen has a proud history and only the best used to play for the Glamour Boys; the likes of Edward Katsvere, Moses Chunga, Earnest Kamba, George Shaya, Vitalis Takawira, Gift Mpariwa, Japhet Mparutsa just to mention a few.

Now anyone from around the country can just walk into the starting line-up.

Dynamos were a team which attracted only the cream.

Unfortunately, the declining economy has also contributed to the falling of standards.

Players hardly have a working contract worth calling a contract and their salaries, poor as they are, do not meet the standards of professional athletes.

How do you expect excellence under the prevailing circumstances?

The playing field is never the same. Our country needs a thorough reconstruction before we start thinking of the good old days.


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