Police must bring the killers to book


HARARE – The callous and brutal murder of a Zimbabwean woman by yet-to-be-identified thugs is frightening and should be condemned by all right-thinking persons.

Although the woman in question — Shingi Dhliwayo — was killed in Botswana, we call upon our law enforcement agents to do everything possible to bring these suspects to book because the plot seems to have started in Zimbabwe.

It appears there is a syndicate of killers in Zimbabwe and Botswana who are prowling on innocent souls only to murder them in cold blood — and that shows that this has been an ongoing thing that has possibly resulted in the death of many.

Let us always cherish the sanctity of human life and our government should make a statement and declare war on these people who we learnt are actually habitual murderers who target mostly women.

The bold statement by local police that they will leave no stone unturned along with their Botswana counterparts in hunting for these thugs gives some bit of comfort and we sincerely hope that steps are already being taken to tighten security on our porous borders.

No human should take another human’s life and those caught on the wrong side of the law should be punished accordingly.

Whether these people are Zimbabweans or foreigners is neither here nor there. What is critical is that as a country, we must take steps to send a clear message that the life of a Zimbabwean is precious.

We sincerely hope that measures are put in place to protect every Zimbabwean who may be forced by the prevailing economic conditions to try and coax an extra dime in foreign lands.

The case of Dhliwayo is just a tip of the iceberg for — as media reports in Botswana suggest — many people have died in equally horrifying circumstances just like the former Air Zimbabwe boss.

Apparently, the area where Dhliwayo’s lifeless body was found by a boy herding cattle is close to our border, and according to the police, such incidents have been recorded in the mountainous area that is a haven of vice.

We hope that our government that is trapped in internal power squabbles provides the prerequisite leadership and creates an economically friendly environment that is the first preference for our long-suffering citizens.

Death robs family of a mother and a nation, of a citizen. It leaves many in pain and we hope that

this unfortunate death of a high-profile person provides us a wake-up slap in the face so that we value life.


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