Being an MP is waste of time — Job Sikhala


HARARE – Former St Mary’s legislator Job Sikhala says he no longer wants to be a Member of Parliament (MP) since the position is used by many just to line their pockets and not to advance the interests of those who voted them into power.

Now just a secretary for recruitment in the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC, the voluble Sikhala says apart from helping themselves to expensive vehicles — the current crop of legislators has been a big letdown.

Sikhala, who reunited with Tsvangirai last year after a brief flirtation as the leader of the MDC 99, is of the view that being an MP as long as President Robert Mugabe is still in power is a hopeless expedition.

“I am not even interested in issues of being a Member of Parliament.

“There is a lot, overwhelming, if not serious demand from all over the corners back here and in my own village in Gutu, people are clamouring that we want you to be our Member of Parliament but my message is very clear, I am not interested.

When he was an MP, Sikhala was ejected from the august House on a number of occasions — his behaviour was often cited as uncouth.

But he has no regrets and said in a boisterous way that, “being a Member of Parliament is not the solution Zimbabwe needs, we have had a lot of MPs as MDC  since 2009 but what benefit have they brought to the people who voted for them, absolutely nothing, except improving their own lives and driving expensive vehicles”.

In a country where three million are in need of food aid — the country’s legislators seem to be out sourced from another planet as they receive perks that the ordinary folk can only dream of.

“As long as we are not able to capture the executive authority in this country which is centred in the office of the president, our politics are doomed.

“We can waste our time, Job Sikhala as a Member of Parliament absolutely means nothing, it helps nothing to the people of Zimbabwe what helps the people of Zimbabwe is to capture the executive powers, we need to make sure that Tsvangirai becomes the head of State of this country.

“With that, we will be able to change the politics of this country and we will be able to share the national cake equally,” said Sikhala.

Mugabe has been in power since 1980, and most of his ministers have been in Cabinet for 36 years — while some have been legislators for as many years albeit with little benefit for the constituencies they represent.

“With a Member of Parliament, it’s only him and his family extricated from poverty while everyone is suffering. I am not interested in being a Member of Parliament but to make sure that Tsvangirai wins the presidential race.”

Perhaps with the benefit of hindsight, Sikhala also mocked former MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti who now leads the People’s Democratic Party.

“It’s going to be difficult to get another brand like … Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai’s base is very strong he came from the labour party that’s why you see even the Labour Party in the UK (United Kingdom) is very strong.

“That’s why you see the likes of … Biti failing to attract supporters; this is because they came from a small section of people who are intellectuals,” added Sikhala.


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