‘Adopt irrigation to increase output’


HARARE – Agriculture and Mechanisation minister Joseph Made has said that for the country to reap rewards in the horticulture sector, there is need to increase the use of irrigation equipment.

Speaking at the launch of two cylindrical and foot-operated moneymaker irrigation pumps at a local hotel in Harare, Made said with the aid of irrigation, yields can increase.

“There is now need to have the implements distributed equally across the country as this will benefit the economy as well as to ensure sustainable growth in the agricultural sector,” Made said.

He added that small-scale farmers who engage in horticulture need to embrace irrigation pumps to increase production.

“As we have seen, some of the small-scale farmers testifying how their lives have changed through selling their products, it shows that these pumps are very efficient and will help reduce labour.”

“Farmers in the rural areas where there is no electricity will benefit more from these pumps as they require no electricity or oil to function,” Made said.

Blagefields marketing company which is supplying the implements said the introduction of the pumps is aimed at increasing farming yields,  reduce famine risk and improve food security.

“These pumps can change the lives of small-scale farmers in Zimbabwe if put to proper use. We have introduced them in the country to reduce starvation, as well as to improve food security,” Blagefields marketing director Brian Vere said.

“Moneymaker pumps allow greater diversity of cash crops and they are easy to maintain, and use without electricity.”

He added that besides irrigation, the moneymaker manual irrigation pumps can be used for household and animal water needs.

“There is a lot to gain from the irrigation project as it is not just horticulture that will benefit but even domestic and livestock needs are catered for.”

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