Man jailed 14 months over $9 robbery


HARARE – A Harare man has been jailed for 14 months over a $9 robbery.

Herbert Bhunu, 27, of Goodhope, was convicted by magistrate Jessy Kufa.

He will serve an affective eight months in jail after five months were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Another month was suspended on condition that he compensates the complainant.

Kufa said robbery cases were on the increase and a custodial sentence would serve to deter like-minded individuals from committing similar offences.

“It is not the value but effect that these courts consider in cases of this nature,” magistrate Kufa said.

“Robbers have a habit of attacking victims even before they have ascertained whether they have cash and valuables or not.

“One can only imagine if the complainant had been seriously hurt or even murdered just for $8,90. It is the duty of these courts to ensure that society is protected from such offenders.”

The complainant was Ethel Mackenzie of New Marlborough.

Prosecutor Idah Maromo proved that on May 2, Mackenzie was walking along Upper Hampden Road in New Marlborough when Bhunu and his accomplice, who is still at large, started following her.

Bhunu then grabbed Mackenzie before pushing her to the ground. He snatched her handbag containing $8,90.

Mackenzie screamed for help and alerted two security guards who were in the vicinity.

The accused persons ran away but Bhunu was caught while hiding.

Mackenzie rushed to the spot and checked if her belongings were still intact in her handbag.

She discovered that her money was no longer in the bag. Bhunu was searched.

The security guards found $7 in his pockets, which he claimed to be the only amount he had found in Mackenzie’s bag.
Bhunu was subsequently arrested.


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