‘Mushore must succeed at LGB’


HARARE – Harare City Council’s town clerk-designate James Mushore should allow for proper processes to take place if he is to be substantively appointed, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere said yesterday.

Mushore’s failure to resume duties as town clerk should not be politicised as proper procedures were not undertaken in his appointment, the minister said.

On Thursday, Mushore was sent on forced leave without benefits by Harare councillors after a special council meeting until the court makes a ruling on his employment status.

Prior to council’s decision, Kasukuwere had rescinded Mushore’s appointment, arguing that the decision had not been approved by the Local Government Board (LGB) as stipulated under law.

Kasukuwere also suspended Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni for insubordination for forging ahead with Mushore’s appointment despite government’s publicly stated objection.

“The status quo remains,” Kasukuwere said yesterday on the sidelines of a ground-breaking ceremony for a $2 million 4,2km road connecting Mabvuku and Damofalls.

“Mushore has no business at Town House. We are not against him, but he must just follow the law. I am surprised that such an educated man behaves in a manner that qualifies as not being civilised.

“You cannot destabilise the peaceful and smooth flow of business. If he succeeds at the LGB, then he will certainly become town clerk with everyone’s support. What that position requires is the support of the State. You cannot succeed if the government does not support you.”

The minister said Mushore cannot sideline certain laws because of his flawed personal interpretation.

He said legal processes have to be followed for an Act of Parliament to be struck down, proceeded by a declaration by the Constitutional Court.

Kasukuwere said the bickering regarding the town clerk’s position was not beneficial to anyone, considering that Harare workers have not been paid for six months.

“We expect that the decision taken by council will allow for the smooth flow of operations. At the end of the day, Mushore must accept to be subjected to the normal conditions that any other town clerk must go through. There is no politics involved in his hiring. The processes must just be followed without interfering with the LGB,” he said.

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