I have played my part: Bhero Mukadota


HARARE – The late comedian Safirio “Mukadota” Madzikatire’s eldest son Elijah is a happy man.

Popularly known as Bhero in entertainment circles, Elijah carved his artistic career in the 70s when he joined his father’s group.

“I have done my part as an artist,” he tells the Daily News on Sunday.

“I even made my father proud, he died a happy man. I achieved what I wanted to achieve as an artist way back.

“However, art is part of my DNA, there is no way I can totally throw in the towel, I can only now do art for fun, to pass time,” added the 63-year-old artist.

He regrets that he has no musical album under his name save for more than 40 television dramas he took part in.

“I have lined up Tribute to Safirio Madzikatire album which consists of six tracks and this is going to be my debut album.

“Busi Ncube’s Rain band assisted me in recording the album, release dates are still to be decided,” said Madzikatire, whose son, Solomon, is also trying his best to follow his father’s footsteps as an artist.

Ncube, the Norway-based former Ilanga lead vocalist, is sister to Madzikatire’s first wife, Doreen, who is now late and who was mother to Solomon.

Madzikatire told the Daily News on Sunday that returning to the musical stage to perform at City Sports Bar’s Monday Jam Session tomorrow is déjà vu.

“I am now taking art for passion, so if I receive a positive response on Jam Session, I will continue staging concerts.

“If I manage to continue with music, I will do it with the intention to educate youngsters and for fun,” he said.

Madzikatire said keeping a low profile in the music industry was not his choice. He said he was forced to go into hibernation because of resources.

“Back in the day, we used to rehearse using mudhara’s (the late Safirio Madzikatire’s) public address system, which is now old.

“Financial challenges became a stumbling block. It was hard to buy a new musical kit or fix the old one, therefore concentrating on the film side was the only way forward,” he said.

“I have taken part in a number of television productions since the 1980s and the majority of them were exported, some of them are not even known locally,” he said.

Born in a family of three, Madzikatire is known for his role in television productions such as Everyone’s Child, Bhero Mukadota, Evil in Our Midst and Soldier Soldier among others.

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