Hip-hop artiste showcases Ndau



HIP-hop artiste Ronald Mtetwa ,28, has burst onto the national stage thanks to his enchanting lyrics that spew out beautiful Ndau idioms and proverbs.

But it was not always like that for the Harare-based artiste whose family hails from Rimai Village under Chief Musikavanhu in Chipinge District.

The Ndombi Yemughetto singer, better known in music circles as Tsangamidzi Money Ginger or Mundau, credits his brother for making him see the value of identifying with his Ndau origins.

“I released two albums Pachokwadi and Magitare featuring Trymore Masaraure, but I found it hard to make a breakthrough.

“After noticing my struggles, my brother O’Brian advised me to sing in Ndau because not many people sang in it. He also added that there was no way I could outshine other Zimbabwean musicians who are singing in their native tongues,” said the Warren Park-based artiste.

Thanks to the advice from his brother, Mtetwa released an album titled Get some money which contains his first Ndau hit Mbatso Yemapuwe (House of Stone).

“The success of Get Some Money in which I urged Zimbabweans to unite despite tribal differences encouraged me to come up with songs like Amweni Anozonda, God Will Bless, Tinode Tsangamidzi, Chibhamu, and Andityi Munthu and my most popular hit Ndombi Yemughetto,” he told the Daily News on Sunday.

Unlike in the past, the artiste is now proud to be associated with the Ndau tribe based in south-eastern Zimbabwe.

“The more mature you become, the more you appreciate your roots. Back in the day, I used to be shy to be associated with the Ndau tribe but thanks to my brother O’brian who schooled me to be original, I am now doing my part to preserve and promote my language,” said Mtetwa.

The rising artiste is keen to feature fellow Ndau singer Sebede of Eho-o fame on his forthcoming album titled Hip-hop NgechiNdau which will be launched in June.

“Some of the songs on the forthcoming album include Sumburera and Kubambazira which were recorded at Kenako Studios while Kutsvake Mare was produced by Lazzie T,” he said.

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