Government doing nothing for workers


EDITOR — For 36 years, the majority of Zimbabwean workers have been waiting for the Zanu PF government to deliver.

However, the government has not and may never deliver for it has malfunctioned.

Like a driver trying to put a car engine that has ceased in motion without overhauling it first, Zimbabweans are still waiting for the Zanu PF government, whose vision and strategy vanished with the first independence celebrations.

Imagine, the employer is now at the forefront of organising the May Day celebrations.

Over the years from 1980, the government and Zanu PF elite have been preaching prosperity but turned a blind eye to the workers’ concerns and endorsed jungle laws of self-enrichment, leaving the majority of the workers to rot in poverty and humiliation.

The future of workers looks darker than it was at the time of colonisation as the problems continue to accumulate.

Workers are no longer granted their 13th cheque, the traditional May-June pay rise as per the norm, besides all these, the workers are finding it very difficult to access their meagre salaries from the banks as a cash liquidity crunch continues to rise unabated.

After 36 years of independence, the only thing we see as workers is a widened gap between the rich and poor, a separate development in terms of economic welfare, if you like.

Meanwhile, they want to impose the so-called National Health  Insurance scheme which will further  worsen the plight of the worker by drawing part of their salary.

The government has “postponed” the increase in salaries of civil servants while many have not yet received their 2015 bonuses.

Workers’ priorities are either not being taken seriously or are completely neglected.

The president and Zanu PF elite are busy sweet talking the nation.


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