Australia PM announces general election


PERTH – Australia's general election will be held on July 2, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced Sunday.

He said he visited Governor General Peter Cosgrove to request the dissolution of the country's parliament in preparation for an election.

Turnbull announced both houses of parliament will be dissolved and every politician, including senators, will need to run for re-election.

"The governor-general has accepted my advice to dissolve both houses of parliament effective tomorrow morning, and call an election for both houses, a double dissolution, on 2 July," Turnbull said during a news conference Sunday.

A galaxy poll published this week says he has a 50-50 chance of surviving the upcoming vote. Even as he announces the next general election, he faces an uphill battle to present himself and his party as the voter's choice.

Leading opinion pollster Newspoll shows the ruling Liberal Party has partnered with the National Party to form a voting bloc — trailing Labor 51% to 49%. Turnbull's own satisfaction rating has plummeted, from 52% to 38%.


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